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Feel good in the right outfit

  • An important job interview?
  • A management position?
  • A night out with business contacts?

The right clothes represent your personality and emphasize your strong points. They make you feel good and confident about yourself at all times, whilst exuding an air of professionalism. In day to day situations, during special occasions and at the office.

Start with clothes that do the job!

Would you like to know what clothes can do for you. With an honest advice and inspiration with new ideas? Please contact me. I help many (senior) executives with their choice of clothes and imago I would gladly help you too.


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I gladly share my tips & tricks, ideas & facts and everything in the clothing industry that catches my attention and I am enthusiastic about. I do that with my blog and by giving interviews. On my Ambition & Fashion blog you can read all my blogs, interviews and articles that appeared in the media about Ambition & Fashion. Follow my blog and stay in touch with the latest fashion trends.


NOS Radio 1 newscast 10 March 2010: Day of the Independent Entrepreneur

"… Crisis… Yes, but you become more inventive.. For job-applicants, I create new clothing combinations using their existing wardrobes. This way, they confidently appear at their interviews looking at their best, whilst distinguishing themselves from others. If necessary, a new item may be added. The first impression must immediately be the best… and that really works!... The right outfit for the right person for the right job at the right occasion.., and stylish!"