Renée "Shopping for clothes with Renée was a great joy. Very fast, good choices. And in addition, she added humor to the experience! What else could you want: you enter a store in which Renée has already done the "pre-shopping" for you! Furthermore, I looked fantastic (at least my suit did..)"

April 26, 2010


Pablo van Klinken, CEO&Owner KSU, hired Renée as a personal stylist in 2010

Top qualities: personable, good value, creative




"Renée really plays with clothes and accessories. She has a strong sense for quality and creating new combinations – as a result, "older" (but beloved) clothes get a new appearance altogether! A sustainable concept! Searching for new additions to my existing wardrobe was a joyful experience… Renée really enjoys making you look beautiful. Anna Hinze, consultant and coach"


Anna Hinze hired Renée as a styling in 2010, and hired Renée more than once. April 18 2010

Top qualities: Great results, Personable, Creative





"A one-off investment leads to an unexpected variety of new combinations. Thanks to an update of my wardrobe by Renée van den Berg Tap, I now own various "new" outfits. A critical review of my wardrobe, my jewelry, my shoes and other accessories lead to pleasant surprises. And without having to buy new clothes, I suddenly found out that I own more than 20 new combinations! Renée has the talent to make the connection between personality, style, personal taste and preferences. Hail!"


Drs. Liduine H. M. de Vos Verburg, Manager HRM Ontwikkeling, De Stromen Opmaat Groep.

February 10, 2010 and in 2011 and 2012




"I know Renée as a professional and ambitious personality with taste, as well as knowledge of fashion. We got acquainted earlier this year. Renée made a striking remark about my outfit and my personality, which really seemed to hit home. Together with Renée, I really explored both myself and my clothing. She gives excellent advice, both clear and honest. She finds the right stores for you and you feel like a true guest in every store you visit. All “fashion entrepreneurs” seem to know Renée and they clearly know what her mission is. In short, Renée has really helped me to find a new (clothing)style which I would never have discovered by myself."


Elly Scheepers, director Time- Out… Go and Job Search Club West Brabant   hired Renée more than once in 2009, 2010, 2011,2012



Excerpt from Ikki’s blog “What makes you tick”
"Once I arrived at the venue I started talking with a very interesting lady, Renée van den Berg Tap, active under the name “Ambition and Fashion”. As a former Amsterdam Fashion Institute student, I immediately felt compelled to speak with her. In addition to her striking presence, she had a convincing message: “I am active there where my passion lies: fashion. Friends were always telling me that I had such a talent in finding and creating fashionable combinations for various occasions, which made me realize that I wanted to do something with that talent.” Renée handed me a beautiful business card, which literally lights up due to the golden logo. The letter type of her business card reminds me of Vogue, the ultimate fashion magazine for everyone who gets excited by high-end fashion related topics… Quite a good association for her business!”.

18 May 2010


Esmée Schönfeldt

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